• "How much practice time would I need to find each week?"
    I ask my pupils to be prepared to practice a minimum of 3 times a week, for at least twenty minutes per session.
    Of course the more time you spend practicing, the quicker you will improve. After all, "Input equals output".
  • "How soon would I need my own kit?"
    Assuming you do not have access to one at school or wherever, it is recommended that you should buy one within a couple of months of starting tuition. It becomes very difficult to make full use of the lessons if you do not have regular access to a kit. I am happy to advise pupils and parents on a suitable purchase.
  • "Are drum kits expensive to buy?"
    A reasonable starter level kit with basic acceptable cymbals can be purchased new for approximately £200 (the price of an average games console). Professional drummers can pay upwards of £2,000 for their kit so £200 is fairly modest in comparison.
  • "Playing a drum kit in the house will be very noisy, won't it?"
    It does not have to be. A drum kit and cymbals can easily be fitted with sound reducing practice pads and dampers which considerably reduce the level of sound produced. It would cost you around £40 to fit out the whole kit.
  • "Can I just have one lesson and see if I like it?"
    Most definitely, that is the preferred way although it will not be possible to tell if you will succeed after just one lesson (or two or three for that matter). Your chances of success with the instrument will be largely down to how much you practice and how well you absorb the advice given to you during the lessons. PLEASE NOTE that if you have a one off "try out" lesson, it is NOT a free lesson.
  • "Will I learn how to read drum music?"
    Yes, you will. Many new pupils fear this part, but they quickly gain their confidence when they realise it is nowhere near as difficult to master as they thought it would be. Being able to read drum music will give you many advantages.
  • "Are you CRB checked?"
    Yes, absolutely. I work full-time for the Lincolnshire Music Service teaching drums and percussion in both primary and secondary schools.
  • "Do you have a waiting room if I arrive early for my lesson?"
    No. I operate a strict one in, one out system. Please arrive at the agreed time.
  • "Will I have to take drumming exams?"
    No, but each level of my system requires a summary test of what has been learnt. Some pupils do wish to take formal national drum kit examinations and I fully support this. I teach the Trinity Guildhall syllabus.